EU Open Source Strategy Paper
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EditorialsA draft paper for an expert panel formed by the European Commission. This panel is divided into work group (IPR, Open Source, digital life, etc.). It has been leaked in attempt to let the public know how actual policy making is being influenced by lobbies that are precisely under the legal scrutiny of the European Commission. It was argued that the publication of this document is real in the sense that outside pressure would force the Commission to "clean the committees" or at least give a lesser credit to the work of this work group.

The audience for this document could be journalists, major open-source developers and large companies using open-source solutions. Either way, please note that this is only a draft paper and many changes are expected when the official paper would be released at March 2009.

Open Source Software Work Group, March 2009, V.2.4: oss2009. oss2009.

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