Latest Apple's Mac OS X security update crashes Perl
Published on 02/24/09 at 18:58:21 by On
24/03/2009: Apple apologizes for Mac Perl breakage
BugsAccording to numerous complaints by Mac users world wide, the  Apple's latest Mac OS X security update crashes Perl.
The error reproduced by the Mac users was mostly something like this:

% perl -MIO IO object version 1.22 does not match bootstrap parameter 1.23 at /System/Library/Perl/5.8.8/darwin-thread-multi-2level/ line 94.
Compilation failed in require. BEGIN failed--compilation aborted

This error most likely indicates that the Apple's security update reverts Mac Perl to an older IO object incompatible with newer CPAN modules.

So far, it seems that what is common for most of the complaints is that they occur on pre installed Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5), on Perl distro compiled into the OS, or if one has updated the distro via CPAN.

There is no known fix yet, however this is one more example of how little one can trust Perl distributions by third part vendors, a similar issue was reported not long time ago for Fedora and for Free BSD (here on WebAPP).

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