The New Face Of WebAPP
Published on 06/22/06 at 00:49:21 by my2cents
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AnnouncementsI'm sitting here tonight, watching water rise in my basement from heavy rains. Just finished up putting in the css menus in the NEW Color Me(R) and Crash series from the theme team here at WebAPP Network. And I'm thinking, these came out real nice. I am pleased to announce we at The WebAPP Network are releasing these early beta themes to the public right now. I myself have been working on and testing these themes for close to a week now. Jos aka "BantyChick" has been working the Color Me theme to perfection, and I saw it as a great opporunity to build some new design concepts. The Color Me theme is based on starting to remove some of the nested tables that slow loading time and clutter up the html. The R series use css effects from krazy korners, and nifty corners to give the boxes a mix of real nice looks. Krazy Korners and css menu are from a guy named Stu Nicholls. [url][/url] Stu seems to be the man of the moment with css stylings. Nifty corners are from Alessandro Fulciniti at [url][/url] which is what the Color Me(R) series was built off of. After only a week these new designs seem as tuff as the old WebAPP layered table design. Only thing I see needs to be limited is content(box content sizing, even the larger main page boxes can break if over stuffed with html),  in the side boxes should be sized no larger than 130px, pillar and flare 125px. I like to keep my content set at 125px just to play it safe, if you want wider boxes, you will hack to hack into the code to widen those.(header,pollfooter,theme files) Experimenting with colors may be a little touchy with some of these, but will also be a fun project. So enjoy these themes, rest assured there are more things to come from the WebAPP Network. As I said, these are very beta, and will only get better with more tweaking, more to come. All these themes were designed on a beta build at mlapp [url]http://www.mlapp .org/[/url], we invite all the WebAPP family to join us there to further the development and share new ideas. Just wanted to mention a big welcome back to Abwyn, and Floyd, it's nice to have a couple of the original developers back around and see them in action working on core code.

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