Fastest? Best? Most Secure Open Source CMS?
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EditorialsJust did a small test on external link comparing WebAPP CMS speed to the so called "best open source cms" scripts out there, I picked those which seems to both win most awards this year, as well as win most public attention.

Firstly, it is very important to explain that WebAPP never considered speed as the main goal, but rather security. While the other CMS portals out there, seems to aim at speed by taking advantage of PHP relational DB tools (MySQL).

Yes, WebAPP actually uses Flat DB! Peculiar enough, without Flat DB we certainly go much faster then other "best" CMS out there, you can run the same speed test here by clicking: external link As you can see both plone and webapp are at an average speed of 0.01kb per second. Far behind you will see Drupal and Wordpress.

Needless to mention that WebAPP loads recent cached discussions for over 400 latest items, while if you only try loading over 30 items on Drupal or Wordpress you would end up by your either site being crashed or your host...shutting it down for CPU abuse!

Security is another issue, I for one would consider it as an insult to compare the security of any PHP script out there to WebAPP Open Source Perl CMS. WebAPP is both faster and safer.

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