Google introduces security warning alerts for open source CMS built sites.
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SecurityGoogle has announced today that it is experimenting with a new security feature aiming to alert webmasters on the potential for having their sites hacked due to the outdated version of their web applications. Google intends to start test first with WordPress and later would also add WebAPP and other CMS portals. WebAPP has already signed in to the program.

It is well known that blackhat hackers often use automated approach often building hit lists through search engines reconnaissance, and that the technologies used by them are ahead of Google’s anticipated feature. One interesting approach to deal with this may be to slow down the automated reconnaissance process, challenging these automated hackers crawlers.

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Several months ago, Google introduced the Safe Browsing diagnostic as a reactive response to the increasing number of web sites hosting or redirecting to malware, so the key to providing value to webmasters using the new warnings feature, would be to diversify the list of vulnerable web applications, and perhaps most importantly - emphasize and point out to related tools and services aiming to allow webmasters to self-audit their web sites.

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