CMS Open Source security versus obscurity
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SecurityIt is a matter of fact that since the deepening of the credit crisis start that the IT budgets of big companies and organizations has been under squeeze. Those companies which has always been in a search for optimizing their IT budgets and return on their investments are reviewing the costs of software licenses; be in hardware, operating system, infrastructure, database, commercial applications, content management system and the provided support & services.

There is no doubt that open source web applications and solutions have a great opportunity to survive and benefit in this economy as they provide better returns for the companies that are looking to save huge licensing costs and greater availability of solutions and software that can be easily adopted. Those solutions have matured over years and a bigger community to support them. There are several solutions from multiple vendors for business problems and substantially less expensive compared to commercial software from the proprietary software companies.

One of the greatest concern of those IT companies regarding the use of open source web applications has always been the fear of "open security", but is this fear realy justified? Is hiding of code can serve as a security tool? It is well known that the so called blackhat hackers (crackers) have been expanding their activities also to licensed softwares out there and regardless of the license costs. Those hackers have shown no mercy whatever to those applications. Turning the trust of the non open source softwares security for an obscurity for itself. Security can only be documented via challenges and not by hiding the code from the public.

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