Reinventing The Dinosaur
Published on 07/08/08 at 21:42:58 by Floyd
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EditorialsEver since the first public release of WebAPP in 2002, it has remained remarkably unchanged for a little over six years. Of course new or improved features have been added along the way, but in effect, it has changed little since v0.2 was released to the public. After a period of about six months, I returned to the WebAPP project in November of 2007 just as v1.0 was being released. Although I realise that I may have inadvertently trodden on a few toes by my comments, I was disappointed to see that WebAPP had pretty much remained as it was when I left it! Yes there was a lot of reworking of the code and many new features, but in short, the Development Team had simply re-invented the dinosaur! I would like to buck this trend!

At the moment, the Administrators are discussing what the future holds for the platform and how we can evolve further. Soon the whole Development Team will be involved in this process, but it would be interesting to hear the opinions of the "Average Joe/Joanne" user thinks. You could either be an actual user of WebAPP or maybe you have stumbled upon this site in the search of a website creation/administration system but have decided that WebAPP is not for you. Maybe some feedback would assist us to steer the platform into the future. It doesn't matter if you think your ideas are simply too "way out" to be considered, it will help us all develop a platform that we all want to use on a daily basis!

Obviously we cannot consider every suggestion, but every one will be noted and if it fits into the slowly developing road map for WebAPP's future, it will in one form or another be included. You could simply post "like www....... external link" and we can take a look or it can be a well crafted description of the feature you would simply love to see!

As the Administrators are currently discussing this, I don;t expect them to post a comment, but if you are a Dev or a regular user/potential user, please feel free to participate in this public debate.


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