Installing a WebAPP For Dummies (pre-v. 1.0
Published on 06/16/06 at 23:38:51 by StringDancer
Documentation<b><Font size="+1" color="#CD3B13">Please Note! The tutorial below is for older versions of WebAPP (i.e. prior to WebAPP Version 1.0,  released November 25, 2007). We will be working on a new tutorial as soon as there appears to be a need for it. Version 1.0 is provided with a short README.txt and is automatically installed on all Linux server operating systems. Its newly developed InstallShield and error detecting script makes it very easy to install, even for complete beginners. Good luck!</b></font><br><br>

This short tutorial details how to go about installing your WebAPP scripts and getting things working properly. While not intending to be a comprehensive how-to, the following instructions should suffice to help the fledgling webmaster quickly and easily install a WebAPP within a few minutes. It is advised that you read and understand the entire process before beginning the installation.

In your WA distribution (available in our Downloads area), you'll see a folder called cgi-bin. Upload the contents of this folder into your server's cgi-bin. All the remaining folders and files go into your hosting account's html folder (this folder may be called html, htmldocs, webdocs, or some other title -- whatever it's called, it's where all your public accessible files go). You need not upload the readme folder, which are support docs you can read for more help.


FTP has two possible upload modes, ASCII (aka text) mode, and Binary. In your WebAPP installation, everything goes up in ASCII mode with the exception of images (and don't overlook the images folder nested in each of your themes folders). ASCII would include the following file types:

.pl .cgi .dat .cat .js .xml .css .txt .html

If you don't get the upload mode right, things will NOT work!


CGI scripts have to be enabled by setting the permissions. Fortunately, WebApp provides an install.cgi file in the cgi-bin that handles everything for you, but you do need to set the permissions for the install file itself by hand. Different FTP apps handle this differently, but basically you need to set the permissions of install.cgi to 755. This means that:


The server is the "owner" (and you its proxy, in essence), which means the server is given permission to create new content by using the scripts. The "group" is your members. "Everyone" is the world of potential users.

OK. Once you have the permissions set for install.cgi, call it up in the browser. The link should be:, or if nested in a subdirectory of cgi-bin, include that folder in the URL

If the permissions are cool, you'll get an installation configuration page. If not, you'll get a 404 server error page. The script will be ready to execute with a few exceptions:

1. Verify that all path settings reflect the actual paths of your particular install. The system defaults to all folders being root level, so if you created a subdirectory somewhere in the scheme of things, you'll need to modify the paths accordingly.

2. Modify the contact information and time zone if you want. If not now, you can do it later in the site's admin.

When you're ready, pull the trigger on the script. It will go through the entire set of scripts and configure paths and permissions for you, as well as contact info and time zone if you tweaked these. It only takes a second, then you'll get the test link. Click it and see if you succeeded. If a brand spanking new WA appears in a new window, go have a cold beer. If not, you made a mistake in the pathing, and you'll need to redo the install.

Login and start tweaking. The administrative username is admin, and your default password is webapp. You can change the password after login by editing your profile.

Also -- if the install is successful, go back to the install script and click the button to configure your index.html page to forward hits to the cgi-bin. When that's done, don't forget to delete the install.cgi file. You wouldn't want some hacker to drop by later and reconfigure your site, would you....

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