An open letter to a spin-off site.
Published on 03/10/07 at 11:12:34 by On
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A spin-off site providing an unsafe version of webapp script has been recently defaced and hacked by a Turkish hacker (Monty53) as shown here,  the hacker changed the welcome message at the front page at the vendor site, adding a fake apology on behalf of the vendor:

To see the defacement screen shot please click here: external link

I have a question to this group of people behind that project.

I see that despite the fact that you have not yet discovered the cause or solution to this severe security issue, you still insist on distributing this insecure product to the public as "most secure script in the history". You are distributing a script in which you know can let any user out there take over any site out there with help of your script, and you are telling the users that it is safe script.

Don't you guys feel guilty, ashamed? maybe a bit? How can you sleep at night knowing that you are exposing the public to security hazards? Where are your moral standards? ethics? common sense? How would you feel if someone else did the same thing to you and lied to you with open eyes like you do?

At least if you made some money out of it one could have understood the motivation to continue this false PR, but you are providing it free! So what is the motive behind infecting world wide sites with this security hazard? Ego? Publicity?  What? What?...

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