The WebAPP Network Story
Published on 10/16/06 at 21:45:14 by Ted
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Editorials Once upon a time in a land far far away, a man named Carter Brown created WebAPP, a spin-off of YaWPS by Adrian Heiszler. Carter was joined by Floyd, Steven Dryall, Ubergoober (Paul Bierly), Ditto (Schelly), Kat, BigR, Abywn, Ted Loomos, Vladimir Babynin, Shawn Raloff, and Jusso. Back then WebAPP was a thriving community.

One day the site was shut down after activity by PHteam who happened to steal the admins passwords. DenDen, who was helping administer the site, refused to install On's statslog. Both Shaka Flex and On demanded DenDen leaving because of his coding incompetence and sexual preference. Only after Carter kicked him out and installed the script is when we found out what happened. Later on batychick (Jos Brown) copied the idea and some of the script to create stats and errorlogger. On, in a moment of weakness, asked carter to make her a projectleader in webapp... sorry but it's true. If On knew what was about to unfold, he would have thought more than twice before asking carter to do so, but now it's too late. Banty, to display loyalty to Carter and dominance over all, stripped everyone of the administrator status and to grant it to those who kissed her ass the most. Those who joined Carter in the beginning had to beg and say "mother may I" before banty would allow them in this new order even Ditto if she decided she wanted to come back at that time.

Then came Mossad. Mossad and Banty jockied for position as the new leader of WebAPP which, at this time, became a wasteland of refugees and the once great support system was resorting to microsoft type tactics of help. Only offering help to those who upgraded. Out of the shadows Shaka appeared and shed light on almost every security hole (I love the drama) offering many solutions even porting over captcha only to fall into the evil hands of banty. Mossad eventually won the battle and succeeded in shutting down the site once more.  Mossad, and his lack of programming skills left WebAPP a desolate desert site which eventually faded away.... an Ditto still was busy doing other things.

It was a dark and mysterious time for WebAPPers and one day On, who has previously falling to the side of banty, awoke from the demise of self circumstance and came out of the darkness and opened The WebAPP Network for all to come and enjoy the community spirit that once was. He created a retro world of freedom and joy that spread throughout the land. It was a party and everyone was coming together but Ditto was still a no show.

Now banty, no longer being in control, had other plans. She launched a recruiting drive for her clone project which has become idle by now and played on the emotions of the already delicate and battle torn theater. It was up to a few (two) good men to fight this demon and kill it before it grows. Even if it means pissing off grandma Ditto who still shows no intrest in what's goimg on.

The battle waged on and banty knew she couldn't compete on an intellectual level. She needed to feed her control addiction, which at this time has gone out of control. So she did what any junky would do that needs a fix. She went crawling back to Carter and lied to gain use of the old .org domain name. She stole the work done at the WebAPP Network Site up until that point, and has deleted the names of various contributors from the lame and buggy  release she is peddling.   She then stole some fixes which the WebAPP Network Team were releasing and claimed authorship of. What would Ditto do?

Carter, at this time, did not give a rats ass about WebAPP. With the likes of banty and mossad, do you blame him? After banty found out that Carter doesn't care, she opened an org site named, and you guessed it, WebAPP. She still claims that Carter is still involved but we know better. I guess she thinks it gives her some credability. He hasn't been seen at her new site since seeing that he already moved on to vbulletin and waved all legal or techniqual responsibility for webapp. Unfortunatly the "developers" in org mislead the users there and try to give an impression that the "project continues there as before", they know its a lie, but thier ethical standards allow that and more as we saw before. Just wait 'till grandma hears about this!

The End...  Almost...

Now the false .org site is running like a chicken with its head cut off.
Meanwhile the WebAPP Network Team has spent time looking into the current code forced into the core by banty and have seen the poor coding quality and extreme security issues abound in WebAPP.  With this news banty has shown her incompetence by claiming the .org team doesnt do Security checking.  Well its hard to do something you dont know how to do.

The adventure will continue in the next stirring episode of "How Banty Stole WebAPP", same Bat Time, same Bat Channel....

This just in....
There's been a Ditto sighting and she's cracking her whip. First she spanked her chicken. Feathers were flying and the chicken layed an egg. Then she tried to bend the Network over her knee but, lo and behold, the Network didn't bend. The Network looked her straight in the eye and said, "Don't tread on me".

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