Testing of SkypeWeb integration for WebAPP
Published on 10/02/06 at 14:18:05 by On
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Announcements<img src="http://www.web-app.net/images/uploads/skypecasts.gif" align="right">I am pleased to announce the testing of SkypeWeb integration for WebAPP. I hope that SkypeWeb integration will be a standard feature of the next release of webapp, but should you wish try SkypeWeb functionality on webapp right away, you need simply to edit your profile and add you skype username, also do not forget to activate your SkypeWeb settings.

What is SkypeWeb good for?
We have fully integrated 8 skype functions (6 for normal users and 2 more for admins) in which the users in the site can exchange not just chats, talks and voicemails but also exchange files by a simple click on your webapp site!  It also lets one add users by a simple click and view thier skype profiles!

What are the admins functions?  Admins can in addition to the other 6 actions also have an admins chat conference by a simple click as well as send a file to all other admins again by one click!

Skype functions on webapp

Dont forget to add your own skype username!  go to "my profile" and do it there. You may also add it to your signature for the forums by using this short cut:

What if the website users [still!] dont have skype installed?  No problem!  We have also added a skype-checker, thus if they dont have skype installed in thier PC they would be redirected automaticly with a popup to skype d/l site!

Try it now: by clicking on the icon next to my signature in the forums!

Have fun!
On :)

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