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Version 1.0 includes a complete rewrite of over 70% of the original WebAPP script, hundreds of security patches and bug fixes, a new and advanced mac, sid and preferences cookies security system, new file systems and configuration routines and many other new features.

The WebAPP team is in constant search for new developers, should you like to join our developers team, kindly post your request here: WebAPP Site, join our team today! Version 1.0 Contributors:
Angela Werner-Neuser (Abywn), Andrew Shaw (AndyTri), Andy Patmore (Floyd), Aron Shiewitz (JackDeth), Duane Brown (BensonBear), Gary Wood (Gary), Jeff Foster (StringDancer), John Kiernan (jfk), Jose Edwin (Jose), Miguel Gomes (Miguel), On Elpeleg (On), Roger Nilsson (Aimod), Searles O'Dubhain (Searles), Steve Burg (sburg), Steve Garth (Steve), Steven Reid (SafePit), Ted Cambron (Ted) and warren strasen (rockin).

  • The WebAPP, Web Automated Perl Portal Developers Team wish to thanks The WebAPP Guru and Founder, Mr. Mc. Carter Brown, whom has formally resigned from the WebAPP Project several years ago. Carter has been both the father of the WebAPP project and in some periods acted as a mother too! We wish him best luck with his new project!
  • We also wish to thanks iwebtool-Webmaster Tools for their absolute fantastic tools and script support.
  • Special thanks go to the Google AdSense Team for guiding us and helping in developing the Google module.
  • We also wish to thanks DreamHost for hosting our project and for their dedicated support and help! We recommend DreamHost hosting for a safe, fast and reliable Perl scripts hosting.
  • Warm thanks also go to Randal L. Schwartz for his tips, guidance and VERY inspiring Perl coding.

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