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 Obama asks Sun Microsystems co-founder to Write Paper on Open Source.
The BBC reports today that Scott McNealy, the co-founder of Sun Microsystems McNealy's was asked by Obama to write a paper on the subject of open source for the new administration. McNealy has further explained to the BBC that "It's intuitively obvious open source is more cost effective and productive than proprietary software," and...
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 Internet Explorer continues losing users to open source browsers
WebAPP has recently alerted its users not to use Internet Explorer due to several reports concerning unpatched critical remote security issues. It may be both the rumors of those yet to be patched issues or simply because open source browsers are simply safer, faster and more stable, that recently published Market Share statistics show Internet...
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 Microsoft's CodePlex to compete with SourceForge?
Open Source CMS, DotNetNuke joined Microsoft's CodePlex Despite Microsoft's recent intensive affords to develop and market their OpenSource content management solution, called Oxite, Micorsoft has just opened its doors to a new cooperation with Open Source CMS, DotNetNuke (DNN). This new and rather surprising move from Microsoft allowing open...
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 Strawberry Perl to cooperate with Microsoft Open Source Labs
Adam Kennedy, known as Alias, the developer of Strawberry Perl to make Win32 a truly first class citizen of the Perl platform world. During last year, major CPAN modules have used Strawberry Perl to get to releases that work trouble-free on Windows. However there are still tens of thousands of smaller modules on CPAN which are lagging, in many...
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 Microsoft releases Open Source Content Management System
Microsoft releases Open Source Content Management System The software Giant Microsoft has announced the release of its first Open Source Content Management System with CodePlex. The released alpha version of the new open-source CMS is codenamed "Oxite.". Oxite is available under the Microsoft Public License (MS-Pl),...
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 Larry Wall at OSDC (Australia): Perl 6 will break compatibility, but would support other interpreters
According to the Perl language founder Larry Wall, Perl Version 6 will not be compatible with previous versions, but will open up a new world of custom "languages" and interpreters enabling many more ways to obfuscate code. Wall delivered a keynore on "The once and future of Perl" thsi week in Sydney's annual Open Source...
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