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 Web-App Update and the future.
Web-App is an ever evolving Content Management System customiseable for many uses. As we work on the development of the next Update to this script, I find this a good time to start a dialog asking our users what they would like to see, or actually require for their perfect Content Management System to fully complete their needs. I have used the...
Written by Jack Deth on 03/08/10 at 21:01:40
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 EU Open Source Strategy Paper
A draft paper for an expert panel formed by the European Commission. This panel is divided into work group (IPR, Open Source, digital life, etc.). It has been leaked in attempt to let the public know how actual policy making is being influenced by lobbies that are precisely under the legal scrutiny of the European Commission. It was argued that...
Written by On on 02/27/09 at 21:14:48
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 How to build an open-source, successful business? - 5 tips.
The open-source technologies are recently getting more attention; this is due to the worldwide financial crisis exposing companies to budget pressure. After all, if you have to chose between buying $200,000 server licenses or having staff to develop and deploy applications, more people would be willing to try open source alternatives. It is...
Written by On on 02/27/09 at 20:41:59
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 Is Perl dead and Phyton reborn?
Andrew Binstock, a principal analyst at Pacific Data Works and a former editor in chief of the Unix Review recalls that 13 years ago he hired Randal Schwartz to write on Perl. Back then, in 1996 Perl was rapidly adapted by the Unix community. Schwartz was probably the biggest name in Perl at the time (his book was the equivalent of K&R to C...
Written by On on 01/15/09 at 20:57:03
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 Fastest? Best? Most Secure Open Source CMS?
Just did a small test on comparing WebAPP CMS speed to the so called "best open source cms" scripts out there, I picked those which seems to both win most awards this year, as well as win most public attention. Firstly, it is very important to explain that WebAPP never considered speed as the main...
Written by On on 11/30/08 at 21:58:37
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 OpenSource CMS: Buy before you try? Try before you Buy? or Try without a Buy?
According to recent revenue-generation studies — the pure, non-hybrid GPL open source licensing platform, apparently, not a viable business model. At the same time, it was well noted that software giants like Microsoft started playing friendly in the open source space. In addition several CMS vendors report that open source can be profitable....
Written by On on 10/22/08 at 09:58:13
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 CMS, Webapps and What I Think About WebAPP
Even the most cursory glance at the internet will reveal countless numbers of CMS and webapps and often there is a fine line between the two. There probably has never been a more difficult time to choose the most appropriate application for the task in hand. More often than not, one application is suitable for one task and an different application...
Written by Floyd on 10/18/08 at 23:41:12
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 Reinventing The Dinosaur
Ever since the first public release of WebAPP in 2002, it has remained remarkably unchanged for a little over six years. Of course new or improved features have been added along the way, but in effect, it has changed little since v0.2 was released to the public. After a period of about six months, I returned to the WebAPP project in November of...
Written by Floyd on 07/08/08 at 21:42:58
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 First steps
By Floyd (Andy). My first contribution to WebAPP was so minor, that it became lost among every other feature, change, improvement (or detriment) that I have brought to the community since c.2002. It put me in mind of another little known fact that has proven to be an inspiration to me for many years. Often when I begin something new, whether it...
Written by On on 12/09/07 at 08:31:22
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WebAPP is the best CMS available. I just can't say it enough. To say it's the best open source, flat file, perl portal is an understatement as of late. The most progressive coders to ever participate in the project are still actively upgrading the program to compete with the best. Looking at what's out there, the competition is being surpassed and...
Written by Ted on 06/30/07 at 05:39:50
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 The Best CMS Availble
I was just snooping around the code and it's becomming perfectly clear that the Team is putting together the best Perl CMS to date. With the changes being made you will soon have availble to you the most robust package using the latest technology in security measures. With all the security I would imagine that this would be a lagging...
Written by Ted on 03/18/07 at 17:02:12
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 The WebAPP Network Story
Once upon a time in a land far far away, a man named Carter Brown created WebAPP, a spin-off of YaWPS by Adrian Heiszler. Carter was joined by Floyd, Steven Dryall, Ubergoober (Paul Bierly), Ditto (Schelly), Kat, BigR, Abywn, Ted Loomos, Vladimir Babynin, Shawn Raloff, and Jusso. Back then WebAPP was a thriving community. One day the site was...
Written by Ted on 10/16/06 at 21:45:14
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 Respecting each other in the Web-APP community
There's something I've been witnessing a lot lately, and while it may be a bit melodramatic to call it heartbreaking, I'll go ahead and do so. It's a lack of common courtesy, or, more largely, a lack of respect for those around you. Even now, reading over that, it seems like a pretty trite subject, so why go on with it? From day one we've been...
Written by yaza on 05/29/06 at 14:52:02
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