Topic: What do you think of ModAPP???

Excellent Idea!:  42 (54.5%)
One site only was better:  17 (22.1%)
Never even heard of it!!! ( Links on the left ):  8 (10.4%)
Carter must be crazy...:  10 (12.10%)

Votes: 77

Comments on " What do you think of ModAPP??? "
 Posted on: 11/10/02 at 16:14:28 by Guardian
I agree, the comments would look better below the list of 'other' polls to avoid overlooking them.
By the same token, memberships for WebAPP sites tend to increase all the time so it would have been nice to have seen a link incorporated to allow 'new' members to not only view the older polls but make their mark by having the ability to vote on them too.

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