Topic: Do You Believe In Santa?

Yes:  41 (23.3%)
No:  25 (14.2%)
I am Santa:  110 (62.5%)

Votes: 176

Comments on " Do You Believe In Santa? "
 Posted on: 01/10/05 at 18:32:34 by On
time.. for a change?

 Posted on: 01/02/05 at 09:26:51 by bantychick
Shhh... I was wagering on whether we would still have this poll going in July! Anyways, we can still believe in Santa any time of the year, right?

 Posted on: 01/02/05 at 01:16:14 by Banana
Seasonal polls? How about after the snow melts how much damage occured when the basement flooded kinda poll :)

 Posted on: 12/28/04 at 09:02:38 by On
Chick, santa is a red hat hacker, everyone knows that!  

DenDen  Jack, kids stop playing with fire! :)

 Posted on: 12/28/04 at 07:54:11 by Jack Deth
Thanks To Hannukah Harry for fixing the firefox poll commenting access ;)

 Posted on: 12/28/04 at 07:51:51 by Jack Deth
And it DOES!!!

 Posted on: 12/28/04 at 07:51:43 by Jack Deth
FireFox Commenting SHOULD WORK!!!


 Posted on: 12/28/04 at 03:50:26 by DenDen33
Santa's choice of OS... REDHAT! (Ducks from flying tomatoes!)

 Posted on: 12/28/04 at 03:49:32 by DenDen33
Santa's choice of OS... RED HAT! (Ducks from flying tomatoes!)

 Posted on: 12/26/04 at 07:13:44 by bantychick
Maybe Santa is the only one that can hack some sense into all these scripts.

 Posted on: 12/26/04 at 07:11:12 by bantychick
I do not think Santa is a hacker unless he is a white hat hacker maybe. But if he is, we should hire him. Hackers are good people to have on one's own side.

 Posted on: 12/25/04 at 16:44:28 by On
Chick! Are you suggestinf that Santa is a hacker! maybe we should hire him/her! :)

 Posted on: 12/23/04 at 03:22:47 by Jack Deth
I am neither...  They call me Hanukkah Harry :)

 Posted on: 12/21/04 at 01:35:34 by bantychick
Well Santa can be in many places at one time you know. Maybe he signed in to WebAPP wherever he's visited.

I'm not Santa. Anyways, my kids are too big now to know what to do with, so oh well.

 Posted on: 12/20/04 at 11:04:03 by On
10 Santas?!! This can't be right! There is only one Santa! And its me!!

Fish Santa

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