Topic: Is it time for a new Poll?

Yes!:  687 (65.2%)
No!:  54 (5.1%)
I'm indecisive!:  101 (9.6%)
We have polls?:  212 (20.1%)

Votes: 1054

Comments on " Is it time for a new Poll? "
 Posted on: 10/19/03 at 23:10:40 by tedcambron
I think it's time for a new poll.

 Posted on: 09/11/03 at 13:02:00 by patrick
As Letterman would say, "1000 people were polled....and you know how uncomfortable that can be..."

 Posted on: 08/05/03 at 13:01:52 by maddog

 Posted on: 07/26/03 at 23:50:31 by DarkHope
There aren't any problems with this site. // No hay problemas con este sitio

 Posted on: 07/25/03 at 17:14:36 by lucerito
Me gustaria que se pudiera preguntar en espanol.... saludos... jeje es una broma!

My suggestion is What is the most comoon problem or trouble with this site?

 Posted on: 07/07/03 at 19:32:32 by tedcambron
I really think it's time for a new poll!

 Posted on: 06/10/03 at 14:58:43 by xaka8

 Posted on: 06/05/03 at 14:32:24 by Fade2k
opsy.. scratch my last comment. I found the option in the admin assistant area smile

 Posted on: 06/04/03 at 00:56:03 by Fade2k
Ok this probably should be in the forum someplace but... when I was playing with the polls on my box each user was able to vote as many times as they want... is there a way to stop them or? I probably have to look in the admin area or somthing. I guess I have strange timing.

 Posted on: 05/20/03 at 22:24:36 by dwpeters
What Mods would be helpful?

 Posted on: 03/25/03 at 03:00:56 by Rick
How about asking "When do you think the next version of WebAPP will be out?"

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