Topic: Ready for the next release?

Oh Yeah!:  263 (61.6%)
What there's one coming up?:  56 (13.1%)
I won't be upgrading, I'm scared.:  45 (10.5%)
I'm throwing a party!:  63 (14.8%)

Votes: 427

Comments on " Ready for the next release? "
 Posted on: 03/08/03 at 08:08:28 by Vasja Laharnar
When can we expect the news version to come? I can't wait anymore... :(

 Posted on: 03/03/03 at 08:11:50 by denden31
There won't be any changes.  The re-release issues all bugs.  There won't be any new features until v.1.0

 Posted on: 03/02/03 at 17:35:15 by weston
The next release is going to be the the re-release of a stable 0.9.8 if I understand correctly.  I'm curious what major changes it will have as I'm thinking of playing around with some code hacks to the comments area.  I guess I'll have to wait and see.

 Posted on: 02/17/03 at 02:17:16 by Bacchus
Maybe this week???

 Posted on: 02/13/03 at 20:14:30 by DarkHope
I like to vote for this kind of poll, 'cause that way u know I already want new features :) hehehe

 Posted on: 02/04/03 at 16:27:59 by gauz
don't be rush, prepared all new feature etc. i don't want to wasting time to do some uprgade, config etc...

 Posted on: 01/31/03 at 15:27:32 by 4Higgins
Christmas? Here so soon? Yeah!

 Posted on: 01/18/03 at 17:36:08 by flyby
When do you change the poll? This one has been here like 2 months or something.

 Posted on: 01/02/03 at 02:08:17 by kerrazydaisy
Just got v0.9.8 to work tonight... it's just so great!  :)

 Posted on: 12/10/02 at 05:10:35 by Splen
I just hope it's easier to install then 9.8 :)

 Posted on: 12/05/02 at 17:13:38 by lovedayd
I can't imagine things getting much better than 0.9.8, but if it does - WOW!

 Posted on: 12/02/02 at 14:35:52 by aztc
v0.9.8 rocks!

 Posted on: 11/25/02 at 22:12:26 by DarkHope
Excellent Feature.... as ALWAYS!! keep up the good work guys :D

 Posted on: 11/19/02 at 08:47:57 by AppZer0
Yeah. Kewl.

 Posted on: 11/16/02 at 09:06:41 by kanecr
Yep this is great. Man it just keeps getting better!

 Posted on: 11/14/02 at 20:10:16 by WJClinton
great feature, but like it was mentioned. should be on bottom so old polls are not overlooked

 Posted on: 11/13/02 at 02:37:30 by Torgen
Make that OLDEST on top!

(I need to go to sleep, almost 3AM here)

 Posted on: 11/13/02 at 02:36:10 by Torgen
I'd really rather see the comments listed in "newest on top, oldest on bottom" so that you don't have to scroll all the way down, then back up to read them. It just doesn't feel natural.

 Posted on: 11/12/02 at 09:16:11 by joseedwin
this is a very good idea.

 Posted on: 11/10/02 at 12:06:21 by abywn
I like this. Even though I'd rather see the comments on the very bottom, so nobody will overlook the old polls..

 Posted on: 11/10/02 at 00:22:01 by walter01
I like this adding a comment to the polls.

 Posted on: 11/08/02 at 16:52:09 by Floyd
In answer to buraks question, there is an updated version (yet to be uploaded) that will allow admins to edit or delete comments.

It will also handle smile ies, and UBBC code too!

 Posted on: 11/08/02 at 11:56:30 by leru
Really impressive! I do not know how you guys do it, but please do not stop!

 Posted on: 11/08/02 at 05:47:40 by Floyd
Oooo! Can you?

 Posted on: 11/08/02 at 02:44:55 by burak
Hey I have a question.. can these comments be modarated?

 Posted on: 11/08/02 at 02:43:07 by burak

 Posted on: 11/07/02 at 19:29:52 by 1bigmike
This is a nice little feature.

 Posted on: 11/07/02 at 19:09:31 by Carter
Alright.. Who voted for the "What there's one coming up?"  ???  I'll get your IP, you joker  :)  

Hope you all enjoy!


 Posted on: 11/07/02 at 17:34:50 by Nileo
Getting more professional all the time..excellent

 Posted on: 11/07/02 at 16:03:43 by combatzone
Waiting for final testing of v0.9.8

 Posted on: 11/07/02 at 15:59:09 by Guardian
Fantastic idea!

 Posted on: 11/07/02 at 14:45:32 by Darek.Jasieniecki
It's good

 Posted on: 11/07/02 at 11:29:44 by mlemons
This is a great feature.

 Posted on: 11/07/02 at 11:24:43 by Carter
Now you can add comments!!!

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