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Thanks God Web-APP CMS is NOT made in PHP
Security: 02/04/12 - 18:56:03 Posted By: On

As stated 1 trillion times before PHP CMS scripts are:

1. Insecure
2. Resource killing (imagine a small distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS) on a resource killing site...).
3. Lacking well debugged and tested modules

If you still have any doubt about our warnings check read: [url=]PHP 5.3.10 fixes critical remote code execution vulnerability[/url].

As explained in the article from Computer World:
The vulnerability was introduced by the fix for a hash collision denial-of-service flaw.

It affects a number of Web development platforms including PHP, ASP.NET, Java and Python and can be exploited in a so-called hash collision attack. The PHP development team addressed CVE-2011-4885 in PHP 5.3.9, which was released on Jan. 10.

In short: Stay Safe - Stay Away from PHP. Use the original Perl CMS scripts when and if possible.

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