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Programming: 02/03/12 - 18:46:20 Posted By: On

While waiting for our next release, I strongly recommend you all to check also the other web-app versions out there. All which are free open source CMS written in Perl.

Where to start?
Start here: link and link 
You will find incredible designs and themes as well a great supporting community.

See also: linkfor language files. While some of those files may also work with our last web-app version, the other version is different and probably easier for newbies to work with.

Check also: link

Regardless of which web-app you prefer to work with, it is very important to stress that with an impressive history of over 10 years of development, web-app is the most secure CMS script out there. And this is true for any web-app version you choose.

During 10 years, we have had 2 security issues! All which were reported in advance by the developers!  

On :)

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