Written on 03/30/15 at 21:59:13 by Jack Deth
Its time to take this monster and bootstrap it into a working updated script.

what do you think?

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 Re: Bootstrap
Written on 07/12/15 at 02:05:39 by Auctioneer
I don't think, that it would be of much use, trying to update WebApp, I really don't see any real Use, for such a platform, in a Time, where everybody is on Facebook, and Twitter, or then uses What's up, to communicate with each other.

If you want to invest some time, to create a commercial platform, look here, I have some stuff, laying around, and waiting to be used, or then scrapped, some day... linkgi-bin/253/

Good Luck
meanwhile moved on, playing around with style php and frameworking.
It's not easier, but, at least, it's something, to use.

 Re: Bootstrap
Written on 12/15/15 at 22:30:11 by Jack Deth
If the core code was reworked around a clean simple theme in a secure and easy manner…  it would definitely be
worthwhile…  especially if one decided to add in some mods for Facebook, G+ and other networks…

this way you could integrate your site in with social networks and build upon it…

also some people don't want to use facebook and the likes…  so I still see a use for this script…  if it was cleaned
up and made more user friendly.

 Re: Bootstrap
Written on 12/15/15 at 23:25:51 by Auctioneer

If the core code was reworked around a clean simple theme in a secure and easy manner…  it would definitely be worthwhile…

Software-users demand VqMod-supportive Software today, in order to add Extensions without beeing forced to do some Coding. But this would not work with Perl. Therefore, noone would be interested, in the first place, if everything would have to be achieved like 10 Years ago.

Just look here, to see, what is possible today, by use of a similar CMS Software, on this Test Site:

But to get WebApp responsive would be a Job of several 100 houres, I assume, who would be kind and able to, to do such a Job, in addition, to a rather old Version of Perl ?!

I loved Perl very much, but I had to accept, that there is no way, to compete against PHP anymore. We just have to accept this Fact, I guess...

Good Luck!

 Re: Bootstrap
Written on 12/15/15 at 23:33:03 by Jack Deth
looks fancy…  but again it has two drawbacks…

php and sql…

its a different system, meant for something else…

 Re: Bootstrap
Written on 12/15/15 at 23:50:48 by Jack Deth
looking at vqmod support…  it looks like the built-in user-lib web-app had forever…

unless I'm missing something magical...

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