New Theme Development.
Written on 12/23/15 at 14:15:14 by Jack Deth
I have installed the current available script here and have been working to update the theme.

basically the plan was a complete rewrite of the standard junk.

I grabbed a simple up top date template to speed up the job, I am about 60% done.

check out the new theme at link and tell me your thoughts.

heres a screen cap of the current look…  its definitely not finished and needs work…

Image URLX2    Image URLX4

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 Re: New Theme Development.
Written on 12/24/15 at 22:18:43 by Jack Deth
Got the adsense ad working again on the test site...  edited the file and more...

still alot of little things not working as intended...  the work continues.

Image URLX2    Image URLX4

just as a reminder to myself...

fix and get internal webapp banners running again.
I killed them off due to no adsense ads running...

 Re: New Theme Development.
Written on 03/28/16 at 02:16:41 by SafePit
Looks like a good start!

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