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  Author: Topic: Beware of frauds related to spin-off scripts/sites
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 Beware of frauds related to spin-off scripts/sites
 Posted on: 05/26/07 at 20:56:26

Just a short note to advice you all to beware of fraud activities related to files and scripts released by spin-off script developers. This time, it is the webapp language files which are challenged.

I have just read a story and "legal" advisory in one of those sites, the very same person also claims to own several large papers in the usa in which he charges 10,000 usd per ad in his site, needless to mention that one can not even find any tace of those sites on any of the major search engines (however, we did discover that one of those "mega" sites was offering some information from a local tourist agency in some unknown village in the usa.). further more, the "legal" advisory is just as pathetic as this new poor attempt to hijack the original script and work done by the original WebAPP developers and the original concepts and decisions taken by the majority of webapp team when it comes to language development too.

A complaint concerning the persons involved in this new fraud is on its way to relevant authorities.

Its sad, but it seems that we need to spend extra energy fighting with creative criminals out there that are doing their best in forging and stealing the script created by the webapp group here. If they could have only have 1% of their forging talents and enrgy spent into scripting, they could have made a safe and stable script, but I am afraid that they find it much easier to steal the work done by us here.

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 Re: Beware of frauds related to spin-off scripts/s
 Posted on: 05/26/07 at 23:22:14

The funniest is their propaganda...

they claim they are "Focused on Security".

Well damn, if my script was as messed up as the garbage they are releasing and ruining the name of WebAPP with, then my focus would be Security as well...

Fortunately for us here, the only true WebAPP Developers Joined Together as the WebAPP Developers Network, Security was ALWAYS our main focus on the script...  this is why our 09934 was and still is MORE secure than the fake releases the Orgie Clown Puppets are monotinously upgrading (read downgrading) on their sites.

Now with a few updates our latest RELEASED script marked is the MOST Secure WebAPP ever released...  and unlike the orgie clowns it only has a few necessary security risks which we found while doing a security sweep of the script.  Now while 0998 is a simple clean script...  this is NOTHING compared to the MONSTER we have in the works.

The Orgie Clown Propaganda towards security forgets to mention that every single release they have undergone has actually been less and less secure than the previous releases.  So, when you know nothing about securty you have to be focused on it...  problem is that focusing on security is useless unless you actually have a clue about how to secure a script.

Bottom Line.  We ARE WebAPP.
Those clowns with no lives have nothing better to do than to try and steal the work we have put into the script as a team since 2002...  well nice try, but their revisionist history wont help them...  we know them for what they are.

I am proud though to know that the whole WebAPP Community will soon be given the treat of WebAPPs Long History of releasing a Great script always with security, functionality and features in mind.  Thats something NO Spin-off junk script can touch.

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  Beware of frauds related to spin-off scripts/sites
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