My WebAPP Sites
Written on 02/22/11 at 03:23:22 by SafePit
I haven't posted in awhile, but I've been running a number of WebAPP enabled sites
and thought I'd share:

I've shared this site before, but I did a major re-design last year (based on a
contracted design):
[url=][/url]. It
uses a modified version of Floyd's Gallery, a custom slideshow, and other mods asked
by the customer.  In the end, all WebAPP under the hood.

A club site I'm hosting:  [url=][/url].
Custom theme and and custom directory system.

Latest site:  [url=][/url].
Modified version of [url=]my blog's[/url] theme with some
custom coding to display ZX81 listings and emulators (Java required).

Comments and suggestions welcome!

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 Re: My WebAPP Sites
Written on 02/22/11 at 20:53:36 by Woo Hoo
Wow. I'm speechless. You're sites look so great. You really have a knack for that kind
of thing like no other. I have to go stare at them some more if you don't mind.

 Re: My WebAPP Sites
Written on 02/23/11 at 01:48:48 by SafePit
Thanks Ted.  You're too kind!

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