Bug Testing Install -
Written on 12/15/15 at 23:15:20 by Jack Deth
Install went well.

Drop Downs Broken.
-Testing the drop downs in the theme…

closing the admin menu by the drop down will break the theme.
seems like it is missing the closing arguments when its closes and the theme just goes while…
It deletes the "My Menu" menu…  which is most likely where the issue is hiding.

Further testing ends up this problem is for admin accounts only…  

more as I see em...

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 Re: Bug Testing Install - ADSENSE BUG
Written on 12/22/15 at 05:41:23 by Jack Deth
for some reason the current version is missing the butting for "Ads & Search" in the admin section.

the quick fix for this error if to add a link in the "My Menu" section linking to:


that will link you directly to the missing section of the script.

the next issue is figuring out what happened to the google ads and why they don't work properly…

UPDATE:  VERY ODD but the ads image magically started loading again on this site as well as on my test site…

makes me wonder why it wouldn't load on both sites a few days ago…

UPDATE 2: There seems to be an adsense issue with the Safari browser on Mac OSX…  no ads on safari but they
show on other browsers fine...

 Re: Bug Testing Install -
Written on 12/23/15 at 23:25:42 by Jack Deth
Looks like the ad button in admin not working is currently specific to this site.  the image is where its supposed to be but it isn't loading.

It wasn't working on my test site as well but for some reason it now is...

Image URLX2    Image URLX4

Image URLX2    Image URLX4

this is a poorly thought out layout for admin, as if the image doesn't load you instantly cannot access that section
of the admin.

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