New alpha package!
Written on 05/14/11 at 21:04:42 by On
The next generation webapp alpha package is out there ready after being tested over a year now!

To sign up for the testers team go: linkNew_alpha_package_/&action=viewnews&id=82

Some changes:
- No more ...cgi: The CMS produces complete search robots readable paths all ending with .html (or anything else you may like!). Eg.
- UTF-8 massive encoding upgrade! Now its possible to post in several languages at the same post without seeing gibrish tags...
- Automated pdf producing
- Like/unlike in site, not "just like on facebook", but much better!
- in situ edit/tools buttons
- Complete, automated multilingual functionality - highly recommended for companies!
- Advanced caching system
- Advance articles publishers a la CNN functionality with separated form for frontpage and internal page.
- New SEO advantages with automated meta tags generation for titles, descriptions and more...

Hundreds of upgraded files!

Join the testers team now, you wont regret it!

On smile

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 Re: New alpha package!
Written on 05/16/11 at 14:31:34 by miguelgomes
Hi On,

Good News. I volunteer to do the tests. We hunt bugs.

[]s miguelgomes

 Re: New alpha package!
Written on 05/18/11 at 01:01:38 by Woo Hoo
Umm... can't post a comment to the article :p

Also, would like to see the cache thing. I think memoize doesn't work with Web-app. At least not with the last package I saw.

One more thing. Could you please release a package with files that I can look at? Something like, you unzip them and they're there. Please?

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