Written on 03/02/11 at 23:47:11 by On
I am running some tests (Jack look at Skype again..). And so far so well...  Managed to replace nearly 100% of the cgi script with html!

Yes, no kiding!

As stated before we got governmental grants to further develop webapp script. I intend to use 1/4 of the grants to fully implement 5 main concepts (Jack knows what I mean too) and to open for (payed) specific contributions from webapp developers.

Can anyone drop a line or two about it in Its IMPORTANT that all of us unite and start get serious. I know that our script is very different, but as far as I can recall they kept modapp alive and this is VERY important!

On smile

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Written on 03/13/11 at 01:04:39 by Woo Hoo
I drop in at the orges now and then but they're just as stagnant as the net appears to be. Then again I don't know what's going on behind closed doors.

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