Skip install - Manual install?
Written on 08/21/12 at 14:26:25 by jskinner2204
Any possible way I can skip the install process?  Evidently I don't have permissions to CHMOD the install file.  I get:

Command:   SITE CHMOD 755 setup.cgi
Response:   501 SITE unknown option

I am not admin over FTP server, I am just the guy who took over website maintenance for a non-profit.  And the server is a donated virtual in some small company in town.  No idea who the admins are.

I would like to run Webapp, but I would have to run it without being able to set permissions.  Is that possible?

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 Re: Skip install - Manual install?
Written on 09/28/12 at 15:13:18 by Jack Deth
Not sure if you noticed but the error is for the function SITE

you would want to CHMOD the files, not SITE CHMOD them...

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