Hiawatha Server under Puppy Linux
Written on 03/11/12 at 12:57:46 by lucamanu
Hi all,
I am completely noob about PERL and about WebAPP. I am trying to install WebAPP on a local Hiawatha server running under Puppy Linux.
The PERL interpreter works smoothly, since the Hiawatha comes preinstalled with Puppy PLOG which is a super-simple Blog under PERL.
I just uploaded everything in the webserver directory, and modified the hiawatha.conf to run CGIs with .cgi extension. When I try to install WebAPP, clicking on the [INSTALL] key on the first install page results in "Internal Server Error 500".
Any clue where I should check?
Thanks for your help.

Edit: I investigated further in the issue. Trying to run the setup.cgi directly from terminal as in:

#perl /Web-Server/cgi-bin/install/setup.cgi

I got some more information on the error, originated by line 15, where the module lib.pm is called.
I understood that the perl 5.10 installation on PuppyLinux is reduced to a very small number of modules, which do not include lib.
I am currently trying to install the module from CPAN, but the absence of a lot of other modules make everything damn complicated.

Now the question is: is the use of lib.pm absolutely necessary?

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 Re: Hiawatha Server under Puppy Linux
Written on 03/12/12 at 11:44:24 by lucamanu
So I can confirm that the original error was generated by the missing modules in the standard PERL install in Puppy Linux.
After I installed the basic PERL 5.10 pet and the PERL Core Modules I managed to go one step forward, the first install page appeared, where unzipping is requested.
Clicking on "unzip", resulted again in a "Internal Server Error 500", so I followed the instructions in the README.TXT and unzipped all the files by hand.
This allowed me to go one further step forward, but now I am stuck on the first install page, because after clicking on "continue" the "Internal Server Error 500" is again there.
I think this is due to inconsistencies in the PERL install in Puppy Linux, so it may not be this the right place to discuss this problem.
If anyone can help me on this issue, or at least point me in the right direction, please let me know. Otherwise my only solution will be to give up with WebAPP.

 Re: Hiawatha Server under Puppy Linux
Written on 03/12/12 at 16:45:02 by Jack Deth
Check the paths your using...  simplest first check...

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