New WebAPP - Release date
Written on 03/03/11 at 00:06:17 by On
Final work on a new release package. These are the deadlines.

- Beta package for developers - 15 April 2011
- Release date for the "New Webapp" - 1 May 2011
- There will also be a major upgradeable package avaliable

No great changes are expected, besides of some features, bugs fixing and 5 new concepts which I intend to keep as a secret until the final release smile.

As stated before we received governmental support for further (and very specific) development of the script. It is very important that we unite with our old friends and enemies from web-app. org

Perl is not what it used to be before, if we can help each other either in developing the same script or two different scripts, it would pay of to everyone! To show my sincerity, i intend to:

- use some of the grants for developers. Which will be mainly for developing of specific mods.
- add a link to .org here after we release our new version. Why not? We have been in the same boat for years now any how!

Jos are you reading this?

On smile

Great song by L.Cohen! From his Song of Love and Hate Album

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 Re: New WebAPP - Release date
Written on 03/13/11 at 01:07:33 by Woo Hoo
More secrets? How the heck is anybody supposed to get behind something they don't know about?

 Re: New WebAPP - Release date
Written on 03/13/11 at 01:29:04 by On

Woo Hoo said 15 minutes and 39 seconds ago.:
More secrets? How the heck is anybody supposed to get behind something they don't know about?

Never mind behind-stay infront tongue The package will not be released unless the majority of devs want it to be released!

I think you are going to like it Ted. There is no grandiosity, but certainly several important aspects that went unnoticed since webapp was first released. Some of those issues were mentioned by Andy, and now since... all servers out there have upgraded to Perl 5.8 and above, it is an opportunity to implement those issues.

Why I do not go around shouting those main issues in public has nothing to do with org og net, it is something else. One of my site is competing with other sites for grants as you must know. And therefore I would rather not go around screaming in public those concepts - otherwise, will be more then happy to tell in private and intern forums here/org what those things are all about ...

On :-)

 Re: New WebAPP - Release date
Written on 03/16/11 at 20:13:29 by Jack Deth
I just want to get my hands on a working package and I will comment further from there...

There have been a few things come up recently which I wouldnt mind trying the new package out for...

BTW, there was an offer for an sql databased version which someone already modded...  this would make a good module for web-app for those who need to switch over for forums etc...

should look further into that as well....

 Re: New WebAPP - Release date
Written on 03/16/11 at 20:52:52 by On
Changed date in two weeks, because my surgery date was changed in two weeks (it was supposed to be on this Monday!).

Hope to get you a working package long before that. But just to be on the safe side.

 Re: New WebAPP - Release date
Written on 03/31/11 at 21:07:31 by Jack Deth
OSCommerce 3.0 is supposed to hit the world TODAY!!! :)

ots after 4pm and not on the site yet...  at least I will have something to play with shortly...

 Re: New WebAPP - Release date
Written on 04/16/11 at 23:33:00 by Jack Deth
Still awaiting and looking forward to the new package...

having looked into alot of packages out there...  from web-app knockoffs to php based scripts such as Drupal and ecommerce solutions and more...

I am surprised at how some of these scripts lack simple features web-app has...

Lets see if this package can bring web-app back from the brink of death...

 Re: New WebAPP - Release date
Written on 08/20/11 at 07:31:23 by djdubuque
I have not seen any updated or upgrade packages.  Has there been issues?

 Re: New WebAPP - Release date
Written on 08/26/11 at 22:53:29 by Jack Deth
There are always issues in the world of Web-APP...

as for the next upcoming upgrade to web-app...  it is being tested on a live site right now...  and as many bugs as can be fixed are being worked on as they occur before releasing a package which will knock your socks off...

there are alot of other factors to the release of the next package and we dont like to rush perfection....

Take some time to learn the current package and as soon as the next version is available you will be ready to upgrade to the future...

 Re: New WebAPP - Release date
Written on 10/02/11 at 18:44:40 by Jack Deth
Taking too long to get this package out there...

we require an updated ETA on this package so we can continue development.

Wakey Wakey ON....

 Re: New WebAPP - Release date
Written on 12/29/11 at 18:37:16 by Jack Deth
This is getting ridiculous already...

Time to shit or get off the pot...

Package needed ASAP.

 Re: New WebAPP - Release date
Written on 01/13/12 at 08:23:44 by jane
I see On has not even visited the site since November, does this mean it's time for me to look at writing a database converter to get my site over to a newer program?

 Re: New WebAPP - Release date
Written on 01/20/12 at 00:32:36 by Woo Hoo

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