Admin Not working
Written on 04/27/08 at 01:23:47 by koydin
After Installing Webapp I loged in. And There is no link inside site admin. Is showing the name but no link

here is an screenshot..

Edit: I can't see any Buttons too... Wired...Plz help

i think its .htaccess problem. But im not sure..

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 Re: Admin Not working
Written on 04/27/08 at 01:41:20 by On
Hi koydin,

Can you see other images in your site?

The path to the admin images is:  html/images/admin/
It does look like .htaccess issue, at that folder or anything above.

If you can not see all the other images too, then it may as well be a path issue, in such a case to fix it fast simply open cgi-bin/conf/config.cnf and look for the key: $imagesurl


 Re: Admin Not working
Written on 04/27/08 at 02:08:00 by koydin
Thanks a lot.. for the reply.. i changed the path now its working. ThankS

 Re: Admin Not working
Written on 01/16/12 at 05:42:17 by flippster
I had same issue, but I installed the script into an already running site that has an images folder already and so in put another images folder in and called it images_ so I had to merge the 2 folders by putting all my other images into the new images_ folder and rename the images_ to just images with no underscore at the end. So path to the images folder was the issue, but because I already had an images folder, it created another one, but since I already had that name taken, it created the name images and added underscore_ at the end of file name

 Re: Admin Not working
Written on 01/27/12 at 23:55:38 by On
Happy to hear that its working now!

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