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  Author: Topic: V.2.0 tests and down time.
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 V.2.0 tests and down time.
 Posted on: 11/03/08 at 17:31:55

We are doing some massive and intensive security tests on V.2.0 here on this site, some of the tests require server repeated reboots. Our apology for the inconvenience caused.


GC/CS/E/H/IT/L/M/MU/PA/P/S/SS/TW/O d(+++)>+ s: a+>++>+++$ C++++$ UBAHS*++++$ P+++++(--)$ L !E? W+>++ N+++@ K+++>++++++@ w$ !O M->+ V--() PS+(-) PE(++) Y+ PGP->+ t+() 5 X? R>* tv@ b++>+++ DI+++ D? G(-) e++>+++@ h----() r+++ y++++ (Words of wisdom from Larry Wall, 1993)

  V.2.0 tests and down time.
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