About WebAPP

WebAPP is the most fully-featured,
versatile, free and open-source,
flat-file Perl portal script available today!

An acronym for Web Automated Perl Portal, WebAPP is easily installed on virtually any UNIX-based server. WebAPP requires no SQL backend, no PHP, only a Perl-friendly hosting environment, which includes virtually all modern hosting plans. Don't spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on commercial portal solutions -- install WebAPP on your server for FREE!

Even beginning webmasters are able to install the WebAPP distribution package in a matter of minutes, go in and personalize their portal, populate it with content, and then easily maintain and administer the site. Extensive member management tools allow you to handle hundreds or even thousands of registered members, manage an email list and send newsletters, and send private messages to individuals, groups, or the entire community.

Perhaps WebAPP's most distinquishing feature is it's overall usefulness in a wide variety of applications. It lends itself well to simple online communities for any number of members, family portals, sites for professional people, businesses and offices, ecommerce sites -- any application where easy, browser-based administration and extensive user interactivity is desired.

The latest WebAPP (Network Edition) offers many robust, interactive features, including:

  • Articles archive, with unlimited categories
  • Forum, with unlimited categories and nested message boards
  • Private Messaging, offering folder management and flexible user filing
  • Who's Online, with quick links to IM and Profile info
  • Memberlist, sortable with links to IM, Profile and Email
  • Download and Link sections, with descriptions, list of latest entries and user rating
  • Stats, offering extensive details regarding site and user demographics
  • Site Administration, offering browser-based admin control of most site functions
  • About, Contact and Help pages, fully integrated and easily customized
  • Custom Welcome messages for both guests and registered members.
  • Additional editable areas called Blocks can be created (or mothballed) as needed.
  • Special attention given to site security and the latest HTML protocol compatibility.
Customization Options

To alter the look of a site, dozens of additional Themes are available for download, are easily installed and modified, and multiple themes can be made available for user-choice. WebAPP is also available in several languages.

For support in these various areas, please visit our

WebAPP Network Sites

  • DemoAPP: Try the current version script on this site! (coming soon!)
  • DSBAPP: This is a prototype project for the script. It has all the bells and whistles of the original and much more!.
  • MLAPP: Multi Language Automated Perl Portal.
  • ThemeAPP: WebAPP Theme Demo.
About the WebAPP Network

The WebAPP Network is an ongoing open-source CGI/Perl development project, bringing together the scripting skills of a talented and dedicated core team of programmers, whose devotion to the principles of open-source software (and the evolution of WebAPP in particular) is evident in the many refinements and enhancements to our software package which have been implemented over the years.

For a good overview of WebAPP's capabilities, peruse this site and check out the features -- it is powered entirely by the most recent version of WebAPP!

Feel free to visit our Articles and Forums to learn more about WebAPP or solicit help and support from admins, developers and other users.

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~~~ WebAPP Network Development Team