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 Upgrade from
 Posted on: 08/20/11 at 07:29:24

How does one upgrade to 1.x from WebAPP - Automated Perl Portal v0.9.9.9,

I think I found the upgrade.

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 Re: Upgrade from
 Posted on: 08/26/11 at 23:02:55

This is an issue...  as the package your upgrading from is actually closer to our release...

This would require a manual upgrade...

do a clean install of 1.0 and then copy of sections of your data folder into the corresponding /data folders in the new 1.0 copy...

you can do it a section at a time, such as download, then links, forums etc...  and see that each one works properly...

not a major deal, but there might be some slight differences in folder placement which might crop up and cause you issues...

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  Upgrade from
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