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 Privileges and access control
 Posted on: 07/20/11 at 00:09:48


Thanks very much to all the developers. This is a great tool.

In the place I work we have a website powered by Web-APP.

Right now we have 14 different work groups, but we expect to grow 1 or more groups each quarter. Each group shares information only between own members. But they are not supposed to read information (mainly "news") posted by other groups. By now we have been using "categories" to clasify every news posted, and on the user-side we have been using "Status" and "Level or group" to restrict access to the menus and therefore to the news posted.

But we have already reached the limit of the 8 status, and 9 levels or groups.

What would you suggest?

I am thinking of doing one subdomain for each different group, and installing web-app in each subdomain. That's not as bad as every group has its own members and own moderators.

Any suggestions? I would appreciate them very much.

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 Re: Privileges and access control
 Posted on: 07/21/11 at 19:40:06

There should be no limit to the number of levels, status ranks etc - you can have even thousands of such groups.



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  Privileges and access control
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